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Sleepy Hollow - Kindred

Things I enjoyed:

1. The bible in Sleepy Hollow covers every eventuality - regular human marriage? check; unholy alliance between a Horseman of the Apocalypse and a human? check.

2. Ichabod vs. The 21st Century: The Wedding Industry.

3. Abbie using her police / detective skills to narrow down Abraham’s likely hideout.

4. Abbie and Ichabod never make it anywhere before sunset, do they?

5. Flirty Ben Franklin.

6. Jenny being the voice of reason.

7. Abraham pointing out some some hard truths to Katrina (skewed of course, but he didn’t lie)

8. Woo Hoo Captain Irving is in this episode!

9. Ichabod vs. The 21st Century: Banks and Debt

10. Jenny “I have other achievements” Mills

11. Abbie makes reading lists for Ichabod! (I have a mighty need to see these lists)

12. Ichabod’s ongoing disdain for Benjamin Franklin

Not Happy About:

- Jenny getting arrested :(

- Is there some reason Katrina has zero access to her magical abilities?

- Whatever Henry has planned for Captain Irving.

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